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Security Efficiency Precision Optimism Flexibility

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Margin & Floating Bonus

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* Licensed & Regulated broker since 2019
* Licensed & Regulated broker since 2019

100% Deposit Bonus

Choose between 2 different types of Bonus that we offer

Margin Bonus

- Maximum 25.000 USD bonus to increase your trading volumes.
- Trade larger volumes with smaller deposits.
- Prevent your level from dropping. Equity equals credit when stopped out.
- Minimum bonus deposit: $100; Maximum bonus deposit: $25,000.
- Any profits while having a positive balance and free margin can be withdrawn. Bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.
- Bonus increases account size, visible in the platform’s credit column.
- Open more and larger positions with the bonus.
- Bonus is non-withdrawable; equity can’t drop below the bonus.
- Simply put, losses can’t exceed deposits due to negative balance protection.
- Account reset to zero in case of negative balance, enabling future trading.

Floating Bonus

- Floating Bonus is additional money that acts like a safeguard against trading losses. If you have losing trades, then only the bonus money will be affected and your real money will be safe.
- Increases your Equity and supports your trading account like your own funds.
- For example, if you deposit 1000 USD, and get 1000 USD bonus, then your account equity is 2000 USD. You can then trade until -2000 USD of the account (while if it will be margin bonus, account will stop out at -1000 USD)
- Minimum deposit bonus 100 USD (minimum deposit to get the bonus is 100 USD).
- Maximum deposit bonus is 1000 USD.
- Bonus cannot be withdrawn.
- Bonus is taken away after the accepted withdrawal.
- Negative balance protection applied after the stop out.

Demo Account For Free​

New to trading? Start with our demo account. Get a feel of the market, test strategies, and build confidence without risking your capital.

Copy Trading

Not sure how to trade? Simply copy trades of expert traders and learn as you earn. Let the experts guide your trading journey.

Our FXC Trader Platform

We’ve made a new app to change how you think about trading. It’s easy to use and gives all traders, whether you’re a beginner or have experience, a smooth and insightful trading journey.

Languages Supported

Trade in your native tongue. FXCentrum offers Support in 50 different languages while our Trading Platform offers a user interface in 21 different languages, ensuring a seamless experience for traders worldwide.

Professional Forex Education

For those new to the world of trading or seasoned pros looking to refine their skills, we offer a robust education platform. We believe in empowering our users with knowledge for informed decisions.

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