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For Begginners

Currency pairs

These pairs are made between two different countries, and they are made of base currency and quote currency.

Trading terminology

Knowing the terms is important part, without them you cant read analytics and more.

What is CFD?

Contract for difference enables you to speculate on shares, indices, commodities, currencies and more.

For Professionals

50 Pips a Day

This strategy is less time-consuming with very low risk. Traders enter two opposite positions with pending orders.

Carry Trade

This strategy is not time-consuming and very high profits are possible if you grab the right position opportunity.

Swing Trading

This is a mid to short-term trading strategy that entails predicting price trends and buying/selling accordingly.

Forex Scalping

For those who don’t know, scalping means quick small trades and a very small profit from each one.

Day Trading

This strategy is not for occasional traders. If forex is your job, this can be the strategy you’ve been looking for.

Position Trading

Strategy for a long-term trader, position trading requires fundamental analysis and relevant news.

Trend Trading

The trend trading strategy for new but experienced traders usually happens after or before the range market price.

Range Trading

This strategy is about to find resistance and support lines. Check the historical prices and connect them with lines.