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Trend Trading

Trend Trading

The trend trading strategy usually happens after or before the range market price, Example for an uptrend you will also find the higher highs and higher lows in the price chart. Then draw a line through them and will represent the price trend.

This strategy is recommended for new but experienced traders because always an abundance of trading opportunities and will receive a good risk-reward ratio.

As you can see on this chart, the red line marks the dips in the EUR/USD pair price. So, if the highs are steadily getting higher and the lows are steadily getting higher, this is an uptrend.
When you found this chart pattern is an opportunity to buy the pair when dips and can sell when the price reversal – but for the new traders not recommend selling the pair on the uptrend pattern. Please remember “trend is your friend”.

Please consider this pattern slightly higher-risk because the price can reject when fault breakout for higher highs and need time-consuming and must be done very thoroughly for trading opportunities.

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