Leverage up to 1:1000

FXC clients have the freedom to choose the leverage up to 1:1000 in the registration form. When they would like to change the leverage, they can simply contact the support and they will change to the leverage the client wants.


Using leverage means that you can trade positions larger than the amount of money in your trading account. Leverage is expressed as a ratio, for instance 1:100, 1:500. 1:1000 etc. It easily means, that for every 1 USD you invest, FXC broker will lend you 1000 USD. For example, in 1 lot of EURUSD currency FX pair, the contract is worth 100.000 USD times the price (for example 1,15). To open the 1 lot contract without leverage and to ear from the currency pair movement, you need to invest 100.000 USD times actual price . Because of the leverage 1:1000, that FXC is allowing you, you can open the 1 lot position just with 100 USD times actual price.

Actual price
1 lot
100.000 USD
Calculation of 1 lot:
Step 1
100.000 x 1,15649 = 115.649 USD
Step 2
115.649 / 1000 = 115,649 USD

It means, to open 1 lot position, you need to have a free margin of at least 115,649 USD available (plus spread – if the spread is for example 3 USD, then to add the calculation to the free margin)


Using leverage, you can potentially earn high profit from a small amount of investment, but you need to be aware, that you can also create loss faster, if your risk management is not careful enough. That is why the clients have the free choice to set up the leverage of their own wish. For better risk management, we recommend to ask our FXC support, how to get The FXCentrum Investment specialist manager, for advice or explanation. 


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